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Eligibility Guidelines

Neighbor For Neighbor offers services to individuals and families whose earnings are below income guidelines shown in the chart below. The annual, monthly and weekly values for each household size includes all income for ALL EARNERS in the household. In our experience, people often worry that they might not qualify for services, but as you can see from the chart below, a family of 4 earning less than $1029 per week still qualifies for our services.


When you come to apply for services, please bring:

  • Identification

  • All pay stubs, SSI, disability, pension payments, etc.

  • Proof of residence when you apply for services.


A registration form must be completed as well, which you can fill out at Neighbor For Neighbor, or download (click the Registration Form link to the right of this text).

Guidelines 2021.png

Who we can help

We provide services to eligible individuals and families who reside in the following parts of North Oakland County:

  • Brandon Township

  • Clarkston

  • Davisburg

  • Groveland Township

  • Holly

  • Independence Township

  • Ortonville

  • Rose Township

  • Springfield Township

  • White Lake (North of M-59)

apply for services

Due to Covid restrictions our food distribution is drive through only every Wednesday from 9-12pm. 


If you need financial assistance please call,                



To schedule an appointment, please contact

 248-215-1292 or

download forums here